GBC VOLUME 1 - Shotgun Wedding ALL-STAR, HIGH-ENERGY, KICK-ASS, BLUES ROCK featuring LA's hottest, most soulful guitarists. Featuring the masterful "Dirty Dave" with Special Guest Stars: Philip Sayce, BB Chung King & Teddy ZigZag from Guns & Roses. A sure-fire Grammy contender...” - CD Baby

THESE GENTLEMEN KICK ASS!!! Those in search of kick-ass blues don’t have to travel far from Pasadena to get a double-barreled dose of it Saturday night. That’s when the blues rockers of Gentlemen’s Blues Club bring the meeting to order at the Skyebox in nearby Montrose, a relatively new venue making a name for itself on the local hillside. Gentlemen’s Blues Club could be described as something of a super group, composed of members who all come with impressive musical resumes. Band leader and bassist Michael Stover is one of the founders of the infamous BB Chung King & the Screaming Buddaheads, a band long known for its “party ‘til you drop” blues rock style. Vocalist/guitarist “Dirty Dave” Osti is credited with having written over 500 songs, as well as being one of the most respected blues-rock guitarists in Southern California. His song, “The Thorn,” on the GBC disc “Shotgun Wedding,” was nominated for a Grammy. Drummer, producer and actor David Raven is also a familiar face on the LA music scene, with a list of album credits as long as a Fender Strat. He’s worked with Steve Jones (Sex Pistols), Ricky Martin, Iggy Pop, Dread Zeppelin, Nancy Sinatra, The Surfaris and many more. Keyboardist Teddy Zigzag is a top-call Hammond B3 master, having worked with Guns & Roses, Alice Cooper and many other top names. In addition, GBC is often joined onstage by luminaries Alan “BB Chung King” Mirkitani (front man of the Buddaheads), guitarist/vocalist Philip Sayce (Melissa Ethridge, Jeff Healey) and drummers Lee Spath (Buddaheads) and Joe Travers (Zappa). If you like your blues hard and sweaty, this gig is it.” - John Sollenberger

— The Pasadena Weekly

MICK STOVER - "Sharing the Spotlight" Mick Stover may be best known for his role as bass player in the internationally – acclaimed ‘90s blues/rock band “BB Chung King and the Screaming Buddaheads.” But over the last few years, he has quietly and fervently built a global presence through his blues-infused pop/rock band, Gentlemen’s Blues Club (GBC), whose first single, “Shotgun Wedding,” reached the #1 position on Germany’s charts in March 2006 and #2 on the Internet Blues airplay charts, worldwide, due to its cross-genre popularity on blues, R&B, rock, and FM/Internet radio formats. “Shotgun Wedding” features a notable pool of talent from Mick’s past including: Alan Mirikitani (BB Chung King & the Buddaheads), keyboardist Teddy Zig Zag (Guns ‘N Roses, Alice Cooper), drummer Dave Raven (Keith Richards, Iggy Pop), studio musician, drummer Lee Spath and Mike Huckler (Kactus Koolerz, Cid), drummer Mike Leasure (Edgar Winter, Philip Sayce) Philip Sayce (Melissa Etheridge, Jeff Healy) and the soul of the band, singer Dave Osti. In addition to writing the music, playing bass and contributing vocals, Mick orchestrated the entire project from beginning to end including final distribution on his own indie label, Manifest Destiny Productions. Alan Mirikitani served as sound engineer and valued consultant. It’s not often that a bass player steps out front to lead and direct a band. Playing the humble role of bass player, however, is merely one aspect of Mick’s talent in the business of making music. His inherent gift is in recognizing the most effective combination of musicians for each song and bringing out the best in others, a quality he likes to refer to as, “grooming the ice.” His vision for the music, his songwriting, choice of talent to play the music, and his ability to blend together so many creative talents in a seamless and highly-productive manner is the essence of Gentlemen’s Blues Club. To those on the inside, Mick provides the structure and stability everyone depends upon to produce their best effort. By the age of twenty, Mick was playing nightly at Hollywood’s best rock clubs: Madame Wong’s, the Central, FM Station, Whiskey a Go-Go, the Troubadour, and the Roxy. A local hit, “Drive,” with the band, “Camouflage,” together with the support of Joe Benson at 95.5 KLOS, led to being signed on indie label Jem Records sending Mick’s career off and running. Mick later met Alan Mirikitani who invited Mick to join his new blues/rock band, BB Chung King & the Screaming Buddaheads. Over the next year, the Buddaheads became a Hollywood phenomenon. Due to their intense popularity, rock’s celebrities came to see them perform and to jam with them. This combination of energy, creativity, and talent opened new doors for Mick with players from Toto, Guns ‘N Roses, Poison, the Isley Brothers, and Alice in Chains. In 1992, the band signed with the prominent Japanese label “Edoya” and generated two hit singles in Japan: “Are You Satisfied” and “Softly I Fall.” Two Japanese tours followed with the Buddaheads opening for blues legend B.B. King at the Edoya Rock Festival in 1993. In 1994, the Buddaheads signed with RCA Records and released the US hit single “Dodge the Rain.” A tour of the US and Canada led to concert dates with artists Great White, Johnny Winter, Robin Trower and Gilby Clark, to name a few. In 2004, the Mick & childhood buddy Dave Osti met charismatic front man and guitarist Philip Sayce. Mick and Philip began performing in L.A. area clubs building a circle of friends in the business. Drummer Mike Leasure joined them on drums when he was not on the road with the Edgar Winter Group. By 2005, Gentlemen’s Blue Club was born as Mick’s first solo project incorporating the music he had written with seasoned musicians contributing their talents. Using his technical know-how, “Shotgun Wedding” became an instant hit receiving airplay worldwide in England, Germany, Italy, France, Canada, Macedonia, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Luxenborg and the Netherlands. In July 2007, Mick released GBC’s second album, “Longhorn Honeymoon.” ‘Longhorn’ refers to its Texas blues sound while ‘Honeymoon’ conjures up the afterglow of marital bliss; in this case, the ‘marriage’ of many great talents. Along with Mick, Osti and Raven, Longhorn features guitarist Frank Simes (Don Henley, Mick Jagger), drummer Joe Travers (Duran Duran, Billy Idol), Dave Ferrara (Herman’s Hermits), and blues front man and singer Jumpin’ Jack Benny. Rather than focusing on a singular member of the band, GBC emphasizes the unique contributions of each player, all sought-after musicians in their own right. The dominant theme here is ‘brotherhood’ as each shares the spotlight. Looking back on his career, Mick says, “The key to my success is in realizing that it is the chemistry between musicians and the contributions of other people that allows us to achieve and sustain success on any level. You have to be willing to share your success, especially with the people who drive and inspire you.”” - Pat Kramer